The Bakery

Our on-site bakeries in Northwood and New Durham produce a variety of breads, pies, cookies, and cakes for our restaurants and for Johnson’s Marketplace.

When you eat at Johnson’s, you’ll begin your meal with one of our homemade rolls, available as loaves in our bakery cases or at the Marketplace. We also produce the bread for our lobster, clam, and shrimp rolls. If you’re at the Marketplace, check out our double-braided loaves of challah or sample our focaccia.

For dessert, we always have strawberry shortcake, brownie sundaes, and mocha ice cream cake. They’re made with our traditional biscuits, fudge brownies, and devil’s food cake iced with ganache. We also offer seasonal pies, crisps, and cakes. Find our current dessert specials pictured on our Facebook page.

In our restaurant bakery cases and at the Marketplace, we have a selection of homemade cookies, bars, whoopee pies, and fruit pies available for you to take home. During the holidays, we enjoy creating special treats such as hand-painted cookies and gingerbread houses.

We are pleased to accept orders at our Northwood & New Durham locations any time. We hope you think of us for the holidays, too! You can e-mail the bakers for a catalogue, order form, requests, or questions at